Shark Tank Romania hit product The ANAMINA® Mixing Bowl Launches in the US and teams with MarketBlast to expand reach

22 Aug, 2023

MONROEVILLE, PA, USA, August 22, 2023/ — ANAMINA®, the company behind the successful kitchen product, The ANAMINA® Mixing Bowl, announced this month that their product is now available for sale on Amazon US, allowing the Romania-based company to make their product accessible to a broader audience.

The innovative mixing bowl is a highly engineered, high-quality, anti-stain mixing bowl designed to keep ingredients inside during mixing, blending, and churning. Enabling everyday users to cook like a pro without the mess, the bowl has substantial advantages in the no-spill mixing bowl category. The ANAMINA® Mixing Bowl boasts an attractive spherical shape, perfect for use as a serving bowl, and is the ideal size and shape for storage on a refrigerator shelf.

Adding to the expansive global outreach efforts is ANAMINA’s decision to use product hunt platform MarketBlast® to submit their innovation to leading kitchen manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for licensing and wholesale opportunities.

ANAMINA® founder and partner Carmen David, has found MarketBlast® to be instrumental in her project’s journey.

“MarketBlast has redefined the way inventors and innovators like us connect with licensors and potential partners. Beyond the networking capabilities, MarketBlast has invaluable insights and feedback mechanisms. Their impact on the industry is undeniable, and its role in fostering innovation and collaboration cannot be overstated.”

The ANAMINA® Mixing Bowl is available for purchase by consumers right now on Amazon for 20% off . For companies interested in wholesaling, distributing, or licensing, contact ANAMINA® at


ANAMINA® embarked on its exciting journey just five years ago, sparked by a simple hand-drawn idea that has since blossomed into a patented innovation through unwavering dedication. With a successful appearance on the Shark Tank Show, the company now takes immense pride in manufacturing the ANAMINA Mixing Bowl in the heart of Europe.

Their dreams extend beyond the Mixing Bowl. They’re on a mission to bring a delightful touch of innovation to kitchens everywhere, aiming to create a range of smart kitchen items that add both joy and practicality to your culinary adventures. For a closer look at ANAMINA’s journey, please visit their website at

About MarketBlast®

MarketBlast is the fastest growing product hunt platform in the U.S. for submitting innovative products directly to manufacturers, distributors and retailers actively searching for innovation. MarketBlast also provides a turnkey, submission & review platform for companies interested in automating and streamlining their open innovation programs. For more information, visit or email

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