New Technology Platform for Manufacturers & Distributors to Automate Time Consuming Product Submissions

06 Jun, 2023

MONROEVILLE, PA, USA, June 6, 2023/ — A new platform is changing the way innovative companies are managing new, unique, and innovative products from the outside. MarketBlast® is a global submission and product hunt platform that streamlines and automates the submission and review process for companies and connects them with product innovation from small brands, manufacturers, developers, and innovators from around the world.

Now more than ever companies are looking for growth opportunities from the outside by expanding product lines or adding new brands/products. Accepting outside product submissions is key to companies finding groundbreaking innovations. With a steady stream of fresh new product innovation opportunities coming through, companies are able to stay competitive in the market.

Current methods of managing open innovation fall short and unnecessarily complicate the process for companies, as well as for product owners. MarketBlast® provides a unique and innovative submission management system for companies interested in doing more with outside innovation. Reviewing, accepting, and declining submissions is simple and extremely fast, and communication with product owners is integrated into the system. Also, the turnkey submission solution is scalable to any business and flexible to provide larger companies with a full range of integration capabilities for aggregating subsidiaries or brand companies.

The platform also makes it extremely convenient for companies to proactively search for the innovation they need to expand their product portfolios and stay competitive by hosting ongoing Product Hunts and brand promotion. Leading companies from every industry are discovering the many ways they are able to utilize MarketBlast® to their advantage. And, product owners are benefiting from access they are being given to connect with companies.

Request a free demo of the MarketBlast platform for your company by clicking DEMO.

About MarketBlast®

MarketBlast is a product submission & review automation platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and trade shows looking to manage outside product submissions and inquiries. And, MarketBlast provides worldwide product innovation hunt programs for conducting individual company or broad industry hunts. The platform streamlines and automates the process of connecting buyers and sellers of innovation. For more information, visit or email

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