These 5 Consumer Need States Are Your Path to Success

Five key expectations unite consumers regardless of age. The brands that cater to these needs have the power to become essential to their customers for a lifetime.

By Amy Balliett

What makes a brand essential? In today’s marketplace of infinite choice, you should assume that any brand is replaceable — yes, including yours. It doesn’t take much digging to find a competitor for consumers to send their business to. No Ubers available in the area? Consumers may turn to Lyft. That cup of Starbucks killing the pocketbook? Dunkin’ may start to gain appeal. With so many alternative providers, your brand’s relevance is always on the chopping block. So how is it that some brands manage to rise above the rest and maintain customer loyalty, time and time again?  

Unique consumer generations have the power to cancel brands that don’t fulfill their exact needs. But it takes more than function to earn allegiance from your customers. When done right, it is the ability to cater to the combined attitudes of all consumers, regardless of generation, that can inch a brand closer to the coveted status of essential. 

If a business is successful in solidifying itself among the hearts and minds of the four primary consumer groups, then their risk of demise is mitigated. But with 66 percent of consumers suggesting that only a few brands even spark their curiosity, how can you achieve this kind of cross-generational brand relevance? The answer lies in five key need states that all generations share.

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