Want to Be Successful? Don’t Chase Success, Chase Discomfort

We all know that “no pain, no gain” doesn’t just apply to lifting weights. If you want to get better at something or achieve a difficult goal, the process is almost certainly going to require you to get out of your comfort zone and suffer a little (or a lot).

But most of us view that discomfort as a byproduct of the process, something to expect and endure but also try to minimize. That’s understandable, but it’s also holding your back, a new study out of Cornell and the University of Chicago finds. If you want to maximize your success, the research shows, you shouldn’t actually chase success. Instead, seek out discomfort. You’ll end up reaching your goals faster. 

The more awkward you feel, the faster you improve. 

Say, for example, you want to become a famous comedian. As a first step, you might sign up for an improv class. When you walk in the door, what should you say to yourself? Many people’s first instinct would be to give themselves a pep talk about trying to be as funny or creative as possible. That’s the end goal after all. 

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