How to Reposition a Product that Isn’t Taking Off

Sometimes you’ve got an amazing product on your hands… but it’s just not getting the traction you hoped. It may be time to reposition it. Here are five simple ways you can reposition your product to get it in front of the right people, with the right message, so you can communicate its value clearly and effectively.

1. Consider Other Uses For It

Think outside the box about other ways your product could be used, various situations it could be used in, and various problems it could help to address. Ask around or send out surveys to assess which of the use cases, situations, and problems are most relatable to your target audience. It’s great to illustrate these various uses of your product through videos, photography, case studies, testimonials, etc. when you’re preparing to submit your product!  

2. Think About the Audience You’re Selling To

While you’re exploring other use cases for your product, you may discover new audiences that could benefit from it as well— or, exploring other target audiences might help to inspire you when considering other ways to use your product. Consider the aspects a handful of other target audiences would find most important before deciding on a primary use case and target audience to lead your marketing or product submission efforts— but don’t be afraid to experiment with ad campaigns targeted at secondary or tertiary audiences!

3. Gather Evidence

Have you gotten rave reviews about your product already? Put it on paper! Whether it’s a testimonial or actual evidence from testing, or even a stat you found about the current market, make that a big part of your product positioning. Metrics drive business, and companies love to see evidence. So, get gathering and put your evidence out there!

4. Look at what your competition is doing.

While you shouldn’t get too caught up in what a competitor’s product is doing, taking a look at how they’re marketing or positioning their product might give you some new insights. Can you find a more compelling way to make the point they’re trying to make? Perhaps you can offer a new perspective and challenge their positioning with a fresh message. You may also get some ideas for use cases based on their customer testimonials and any comments they get on their posts from their customers. The goal is never to do the same as what they’re doing, but to let it inspire you, give you perspective on your own positioning and messaging, and continue to improve upon it.

5. Try a New Platform 

Instead of the old way of scouring company websites for product submission forms, try the product submission platform MarketBlast! MarketBlast makes it easier to connect with companies who are actively seeking product innovations like yours. You can sign up and add your products for free, then submit to relevant Open Hunts from companies that are looking for products like yours.

Take time and implement or try each of these options, and in no time, you’ll be getting your patented product up and out into the market. You just have to get it in front of the right company, and your product could be the next big thing.

About MarketBlast®:

We help companies discover great product innovation from around the world. Through our innovation hunt platform, we promote and list companies making it easy for suppliers and innovators to find and submit directly to them.

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